This Tuesday ends the French team's training course at Mas de Perpignan. Which players will coach Pablo Ayma set his sights on for the 2024 European Championships, which will take place in Sardinia from July 22 to 28 ? We try to see more clearly with our commentator Mario Cordero, the specialist in padel French!

The list of players present at the camp

  1. Thomas LEGUE
  2. Bastien BLANQUE
  3. Dylan GUICHARD
  4. Max MOREAU
  5. John BERGERON
  6. Adrien MAIGRET
  7. Jerome INZERILLO
  8. Timeo FONTENY (injured)
  9. Julien SEURIN
  10. VIVES manual
  11. Maxime JORIS
  12. Thomas VANBAUCE
  13. Arthur HUGOUNENQ
  14. Maxime FORCIN
  15. Yohan BORONAD
  16. Philemon RAICHMAN

Mario's opinion

The indestructibles

“A right, Leygue, Guichard and Bergeron seem unstoppable. For me, they have an almost guaranteed place in the team.

A left, Blanqué, Moreau and Maigret.

We are talking about players who are both regulars in the French team, all of whom (except Dylan Guichard) participated in the bronze medal obtained in Dubai.

I put Dylan in this group because given his progress, his ranking and the fact that he is partnered with Bastien at international level, he seems almost guaranteed to have his place in the list.

For me, it would take a big drop in performance at the training camp or an injury for one of these six players not to be present at the European Championships.”

The contenders for the last two places

"For the fourth place on the right, there is Jérôme Inzerillo, Julien Seurin and Maxime Joris who for me are in a fight. Jérôme leaves with, in my opinion, a big lead. He is the most experienced player in this group, he was present during the bronze medal in Dubai, and always responded when he was called upon for the French team. The small minus is that he is currently going through a difficult period, including two defeats with Manuel Vives against Vanbauce / Joris…

And as we know that Pablo Ayma likes to do things according to the current form, we say to ourselves that there may be a place for someone else.

Julien Seurin won the two tournaments in Australia at the start of the year but he is starting from further away. Maxime Joris is the outsider in a way, he is the man in form, but he is starting very (too?) far away, with a much lower ranking at the international level…”

“A left, I think it will be between Manuel Vives, Thomas Vanbauce and perhaps Philémon Raichman.

Between Vives and Vanbauce, I think it's 50/50. Manuel has superior experience, he has been in an international project for longer, has played more big tournaments, has a better ranking, but as he said himself, he is in a bit of a down period...

Thomas Vanbauce, on the contrary, is in great shape. Since his separation with Dorian De Meyer, he has followed up very well with two huge tournaments with Maxime Joris so he is really applying for fourth place.

Behind, Philémon Raichman perhaps started with a slight lead at the start of the season, but he has not had any convincing results at the start of the year, has changed partners a lot, so all of this could work against him.”

Any chance for the other players present at the course?

“I think that the other players present at the camp are mainly there to gain experience and it is in my opinion very unlikely that they will be present in the final group. In short, it would really be a huge surprise if one of them was selected to participate in the Europe.”

Remember that certain players can play on both sides, we are thinking of Leygue, Bergeron, Maigret… Will we have any surprises at this level?

Mario's predictions

To the right

Leygue 95%
Guichard 95%
Bergeron 95%
Inzerillo 50%
Seurin 35%
Joris 20%
Hugounenq 5%
Boronad 5%

To the left

Blanked 95%
Moreau 95%
Maigret 95%
Vanbauce 45%
Lively 35%
Raichman 25%
Forcin 5%
Fonteny 5%

Agree with Mario's predictions and analysis? We are waiting for your opinions!

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