This is one of the challenges of tonight's men's final at the Premier Padel Asunción P2: who will be the first men to win 4 titles this season?

As you know if you read regularly Padel Magazine (if this is not the case, don't worry, we won't blame you), three players have won three titles so far in 2024 : Arturo Coello, Agustin Tapia and Ale Galan.

And the good news is that we find all three men in the final this evening in Asunción. The dynamic is in favor of Galan and Chingotto, who remain on two consecutive coronations (in Brussels and Seville). Better, the Argentinians beat Coello and Tapia twice against one defeat, in the final of their very first tournament together, in Venezuela. Note that Galan is 3/2 against Pratto's men, after the victory in the final in Riyadh with Lebron, and the defeat in Mexico, still in the final, and still with Lebron.

The numbers are therefore not in favor of Coello and Tapia, who also spent a lot of time on the track last night to get rid of the very tough Paquito and Lebron. In Seville, Agus' and Arturo, beaten by Galan and Chingotto in the semi-final, were absent from a final in 2024 for the first time... But we know it, when they play their best padel, “King Arturo” and “Mozart of Catamarca” are irresistible. They also proved it during the first rounds of this Paraguayan P2, with quick victories each time.

So, what to expect from tonight's final: a continuation of the superb momentum of the numbers 2 with a fourth title for Ale and a third for Fede, or a fourth coronation of the numbers 1 for what will be their sixth final of the year ? To your predictions!

Note that among the ladies, Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez can also win a fourth title this season, they who remain on three consecutive coronations. Will they be able to extend the series against Fernandez / Triay?

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