Mid-season is approaching and the FIP is highlighting the players who have gained the most places in the Top 100 since the start of the year for both men and women. You will see that ultimately there are not too many surprises.

Among the men, we find in first place a certain Salva Oria, who is having a very interesting start to the season with the overpowering Nacho Sager. The two men, who started 2024 in previas, experienced a huge boost in the rankings by reaching the semi-finals of the P1 in Riyadh!

Behind Salva, we find Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburger. The Argentines, top 25 WPT at the end of 2023, were forced to start almost from scratch, having played very few FIP Tour or Premier Padel and who therefore started the season outside the Top 100…

Among the women, we find the young Andrea Ustero, who is having a great start to the year with her partner Alejandra Alonso. The two young players have already reached the semi-final stage three times this year (Acapulco, Mar Del Plata and Santiago)!

Next, we find Barbara Las Heras. Former member of the Top 16, the one who is returning from knee ligament surgery is having difficulty finding her feet with Victoria Iglesias, but the fact remains that her ranking at the start of the year was unworthy of her level and it is logical that she climbs the ladder.

The third player to have gained 20 places is a certain Lorena Vano, a Spanish-Italian who is gradually rising in the previas of the official FIP circuit!

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