You know Racket Trip ? Otherwise, stop everything, we have found a pretty incredible site for you which will allow you to find on a single site numerous internship offers from clubs, coaches, academies, and agencies dedicated to padel.

It's in a way the Airbnb of padel since it is a site where you are directly with professionals, but without commissions.

In fact, the offers and prices are not subject to any particular tax. You go to the site and can choose from a wide range of internships padel. But not only that, since the site also aims to offer tennis, squash and tennis courses. padel, and many other racquet sports.

Racquet sports racket trip

Another good point: the site is in several languages. The audience is international, the professionals come from all over the world. There is no shortage of choices. This is certainly one of the great advantages of the site: you are tired of looking for internships, wandering around the web, wasting too much time. This platform will allow you to earn money, while offering you all the information.

Better than that: you can speak live with professionals via an integrated chat, you can also call them and even pay directly to professionals.

No offers, so check directly the directory of professionals and contact them!

Life is particularly easier for the intern.

On the professional side, to use the platform, the price is €600 per year. The sum seems particularly modest considering all its possibilities. Because in addition to being a platform, Racket Trip is also an internship management software for professionals, allowing them to manage and organize all their internships.

Are you looking to improve your skills in a racquet sport, and more particularly in padel, do not search anymore : Racket Trip.