Ramon Morcillo: “Spain will not go to FEPA Euro”

Ramon morcillo is the president of the Spanish Federation of Padel since the end of 2020. At the European Championships of Marbella, the Spaniard takes stock of his mandate, and brings up controversial subjects.

Growth also in Spain

Padel Magazine : You have been president of the FEP for 9 months now. What assessment can we make of these first months?

Ramon Morcillo:“I think the results are very positive. The first thing we did was to re-establish relations with international organizations, including the FIP. We are now part of its governing body. We also re-established relations with the World Padel Tour, with whom we have a very good relationship. ”

“Internally with the federations of the autonomous communities, we have concluded historic agreements. We are building a situation of equilibrium, and we are creating union. ”

Padel Magazine : We talk a lot about the growth of padel in other European countries, but what about the evolution of padel in Spain this year?

Ramon Morcillo:“We are experiencing great growth. We have gone from 75 licensees in 000 to 2020 today, and there is still half the year left! We don't forget that much of this growth is due to the pandemic, and the fact that many were unable to play their sport, and therefore played ours. ”

“We have to make sure that this is not a fleeting success, but that it can continue. May the people who have tried our sport stay. This is the challenge for the federation and the clubs. ”

Padel Magazine : The female and male selections proclaimed themselves European champions. What is the president's message to the players?

Ramon Morcillo:“Of course I want to congratulate them, but also congratulate those who participated from all countries. After the bad year 2020, the important thing was to be here and participate. We are almost back to normalcy. 

Bilbao Euro without Spain

Padel Magazine : There is a general malaise, especially among the media which had to pay rights to show the padel. padel needs visibility, but we make the press pay… What does the President of the FEP think about this?

Ramon Morcillo:“I cannot have an opinion on this, because the Spanish Federation is not the organizer of the tournament. The organizers make their agreements, here there is a media partner. I prefer not to have an opinion because I don't know what they are asking or what they are doing. ”

Padel Magazine : Two years ago, Spain took part in the FEPA Euro. The latter announced the organization of its European Championships which will take place in Bilbao in October. Will Spain participate in this tournament?

Ramon Morcillo:“No, obviously. In fact, one of the first decisions we made was to leave FEPA. Spain is not part of FEPA. This Euro will be for the federations affiliated to FEPA, and this is not the case for Spain. 

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Lorenzo Lecci Lopez