The current president of the Spanish Federation of Padel would have decided to give up his functions as from the first of September. the Daily As anticipates the announcement that will take place during the general assembly in July.

An impending resignation

According to the second most widely read daily in Spain, the resignation will not be made official until July 9, the day of the next general assembly.

It is “the president's decision to resign from his post on September 1” which will appear in the press release from the Spanish president. Several sources of the federation have confirmed this to this newspaper.

AS wanted to check directly with Ramón Morcillo himself, who, when questioned, assured that he did not want to "make any statement on the subject", without denying it.

A little scandal at the source?

It would seem that this resignation is the result of the appearance of the hidden and modified agreement concluded by Morcillo with the Catalan Federation of Padel (FCP) by which it condensed the debt of the federative licenses (more than 150.000 euros).

Ce qui est certain, c'est que Black pudding thus putting an end to a short period at the head of the EFF. Arrived on September 4, 2020, the Spaniard will therefore not be able to celebrate his two years at the head of the FEP!

Padel Magazine had interviewed the Spanish president in Marbella during the controversial 2021 European Championships.

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