Book Padel, the Miami club in which Juan Martin Diaz decided to get involved for his post-career, plans a competition with some of the greatest players on the planet in a few days.

An event called Reserve Cup and sponsored by Richard Mille, which will bring the elite of padel world in Florida from February 8 to 10. The best players in the world are expected: Juan Lebron, Ale Galan, Arturo Coello, Agustin Tapia, Martin Di Nenno, Franco Stupaczuk, Fede Chingotto, Miguel Yanguas, Coki Nieto, Alex Ruiz, Maxi Sanchez... Very very heavy!

And to bring in these global stars, a record prize money has been announced. The amount has not yet been revealed but according to the organization it would be the largest reward ever offered in a tournament. padel !

And if we are to believe the presentation videos, certain American sports personalities who are fans of the activity, such as Dwayne Wade, Jimmy Butler or Derek Jeter should make the trip to appreciate the show, and offer a little exhibition?

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