Victory of Willy Lahoz and Aday Santana remain in the race for the semi-finals

Group A started with the match of Willy Lahoz - Aday Santana against Alex Ruíz - Adrián Allemandi. An important match to decide which pair would keep its option for Friday. Santana and Lahoz came in favorites, but their opponents did not decide that way. It was necessary to go until the tie break so that the pair Willy Lahoz / Aday Santana wins this first set.
In the second, on the score of 2-2, Germani asks for a medical timeout. Lahoz and Santana get ahead and lead 5-2. While we think that the match is coming to an end, their opponents have not yet said their word and continue to fight. After two hours and eight minutes, the Spanish pair ends up winning this 2st set on the score 6-4 and remain in the competition.

Bela / Lima as master in group A

This day ends with an expected confrontation between numbers 1 and 3 of the world: Fernando Belasteguin - Pablo Lima vs. Matías Díaz - Maxi Sánchez.
He was sure it would not be a health walk. Whenever the global 1 numbers hit, their opponents responded. Bela and Lima make the break in the 7st game, consolidate and win the 1er set 6-4 after 45 minutes of intense play.
That does not change in the second set, Bela / Lima in leader takes the advantage while his opponents are looking for ways to reverse the situation. Global 1 Numbers Break in 7st game, the game is in their hands and win the 2è set 6-3.

Mati and Maxi will not be allowed to make a mistake against Lahoz and Santana.

Maxi Grabiel and Cristian Gutierrez win the battle to qualify for the semi-finals

In group A, the 1er match between two newly formed teams for the tournament: Maxi Grabiel - Cristian Gutiérrez against Marcello Jardim - Lucho Capra.
The two pairs having lost their first meeting the day before, each needed a win to keep the hopes of reaching the semi-finals. The Argentinian duo arrived stronger and needed little time to win the first set 6-1.

The pair Capra / Jardim had to react immediately if she did not want to say goodbye to the tournament and call on the magic of Marcello Jardim and the determination of Lucho Capra. Unfortunately for the Brazilian and the Argentinian, their opponents make the break first. Maxi Grabiel and Cristian Gutierrez win the 6-1 / 6-4 victory in one hour and 13 minutes.

The second match of group B faced the numbers 2 and 4 worldwide: Paquito Navarro - Sanyo Gutiérrez against Juani Mieres - Miguel Lamperti.

Each of the pairs started their tournament with a win the day before and are determined to do the same to validate their ticket for the semi-finals.

The world 2 numbers are in great shape, they impose their rhythm take the first set 6-3.
The pair Lamperti / Mieres reacts slowly but surely by raising its quality of play. A reaction that was not enough to prevent Sanyo and Paquito to end the match on the score of 6-4 in the 2è set after one hour and twenty minutes Sanyo and Paquito have a very good chance of reaching the semi-finals.

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