At the end of the speech by the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, one wonders if a resumption of padel is possible outdoors on November 28.

No indoor before the end of January for adults

These are the President's words, and they are clear enough:  “It's around the 20 janvier that we can then take, if possible, new opening decisions. If the number of contaminations remains below 5 cases per day, the gyms and restaurants can reopen and the curfew can be postponed ”

For clubs padel indoor and their clubhouses, we will therefore have to wait until the end of January to be able to reopen normally (remember that some clubs have partially reopened for people who present a medical certificate and for schoolchildren). On the other hand can we think that the padel outdoors can resume much sooner?

A reduction in measures on November 28

As of November 28, 2020, a reduction in containment measures is planned. In terms of sport, the “Travel for walks and sporting activities will be authorized within a radius of 20 km and for 3 hours of time”. What does this mean in concrete terms?

Will we only have the right to travel within this radius of 20 kilometers to go for a jog without exceeding 3 hours ? Where can we go play a game of padel, outdoors, insofar as the club of padel is less than 20 kilometers from home?

Hard to say. We can in any case think that children will be able to resume these extracurricular activities ...

Resumption of outdoor tennis in Paris on December 1st?

On the website of the Paris town hall, it is indicated that the tennis courts are closed until December 1, 2020. Should we conclude that it will be possible to play tennis outdoors on December 2?



For the moment there are many questions and few answers. So we will have to wait for the Ministry of Sports and especially the French Tennis Federation to express themselves on these subjects in order to know more ...

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