Au padel, to start a point well, you have to serve or turn over. Here we will focus on the forehand return and the backhand return. We most often explain that the padel is a lob sport. Except that on the way back, on complicated serves, it is better at times to return low, straight ahead or crossed


Which tactic adopted during a return of service or how to avoid an easy smatch of the opponents?


Two options are available to us:

1 / Either the service is easy to return and in this case, all options are open:

  • back to lob
  • back down to the center or on the players
  • back in the feet

2 / Either the service is complicated to return:

A complicated service is a long service with the most often a cut effect near the walls ... In short, a service where you are not comfortable ...

In this case, I recommend a return down to avoid making a lob too short, too good opportunity for the opponents to finish the point easily. It is better to opt for the following options:

  • back to the center
  • back to the body

Indeed, as it is easy to earn a point on an easy to execute smatch, it is not possible for everyone to earn a point directly with a volley.

In the following videos, you will observe both types of situations. The return down allows us to counter-attack with a lob if the volley performed by our opponents does not present a problem. If not, it is advisable to play again down while waiting for a more favorable time for the lob.

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