Du 22 at 26 June, the circuit padel-armchair found itself in the West of France. Three P100 tournaments were organized on the slopes of the Couarde Sur Mer (Ile de Ré), in Big Padel from Bordeaux then to the Pinsan estate at Eysines in Gironde, over a period of five days.

Players had the opportunity to earn valuable points towards qualifying for the French Championship in September. Sebastien Husser-Walther (n°2)and Nicolas Vanlerberghe (n°3) won the Rhèse event then Dorian Navarro (n ° 1) and Laurent Giammartini (n°4) won the two Bordeaux stages.

Padel Grand Ouest armchair

The competitors of padel-armchair will have the possibility of registering their pair for the Strasbourg deadline, next September. The top eight teams will be selected to compete for the national title.

In the meantime, the circuit will take a break this summer to resume at the beginning of September near Marcq-en-Barœul.

Padel Player armchair

Photo credit: Grégory PICOUT