A video review of one of the most beautiful World Padel Tour matches in recent years: the 2018 Granada Open semi-final between Diaz / Lebron and Stupa / Cristian.

It's Friday and usually on Friday morning we can enjoy the quarterfinals of the World Padel Tour tournaments live. Unfortunately, since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, we no longer have a live padel to bite our teeth.

Until the show can resume, the WPT makes us enjoy some of the best games that have taken place in recent years. Today back on a mythical part between Juan Martin Diaz / Juan Lebron and Franco Stupaczuk / Cristian Gutierrez.

We meet again in 2018, during the Granada Open, and the two pairs fight for a place in the final. The four men will present an exceptional spectacle. Memorable points, and a tie-break that will go down in history. We are not going to say too much for those who do not know the result and would like to enjoy a little suspense ... Have fun!

Video credit: YouTube World Padel Tour

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