Feedback on the internship Padel Experience x Padel MBA, supervised in particular by Manu Martin which took place from December 16 to 19 during the last Master Finals in Madrid.


padel WPT madrid group experience


In collaboration with the organization PADEL a, Padel Experience brought to the club Padel Indoor training the team of Manu Martin to supervise the trainees on the first two days of the Padel Experience.

Before being an organization carrying out “Clinics”, PadelMBA is a website that offers various digital training courses and online training modules padel in the form of tutorials, videos etc ... offered by the best coaches on the circuit!

The Internships & Clinics are therefore an extension of their online training offer, with the added bonus of exclusive coaching provided by the most renowned coaches in the world ...


Padel Experience was therefore fortunate to welcome exceptional coaches (such as Manu Martin, David Del Barrio, Diego Suarez, Nicolas Gaper and many others ...) who have worked on the WPT circuit with the greatest players of Padel au Monde, an incredible opportunity for our interns!

Supervisors who took charge of each of our 24 trainees in 2 different clinics on Friday and Saturday with different exercises and themes.

The armada Padel MBA is also a whole technical team that comes with their cameras, GoPro, Ipad of the latest generation, equipped with the best video analysis software to give precise and instant feedback on game situations to best correct the defects of the games. players.

A very specific method with a program divided into 5 dynamic, technical & interactive workshops of 35 minutes each with a rotating operation.

padel WPT madrid video analysis experience

Here for example, an exercise led by Manu Martin: a GoPro installed on the court connected to two screens: one with the analysis software and the other to transcribe the images. The four players are therefore invited to do game situations for five minutes, then are brought together by Manu Martin to jointly analyze the positive points and the faults of each one, whether at the technical or tactical level. This tool allows you to have instant feedback on their game.

Our trainees were therefore able to continue on each of these two days with four hours of intensive training including tactics: Video analysis based on match situations with expert Manu Martin, defensive tactics (glass defense, lobs, fridge etc. ...), technical work Bandeja/Vibora, volleying exercises, smashes etc ... but also physical work geared specifically for the Padel in the fitness room with work on support, explosiveness, stretching and recovery.

In short, a wide range of specific exercises taught by the best coaches, with the best players of Padel of the circuit: what better way to progress?


To close this weekend of padel intense, we organized on Sunday afternoon a tournament phase in the form of rising / falling with our twenty-four trainees + eight Spanish players who gave us the pleasure of playing the game and confronting our trainees who have started to apply all the added value that they were able to acquire during these first 2 days of Padel intense. A tournament that took place in very good conditions: good humor, laughter, competition… everything was there to end this course in the best possible way!


padel final experience Master Finals Madrid WPT


This internship could not be completed without making a detour to the Madrid Arena to attend the Master Final of World Padel Tour where the best pairs of the circuit faced off.

An entire hall where all the biggest brands of Padel at the World to impress the spectators before entering the theater.

A packed Madrid Arena, with nearly 12 spectators, a mad announcer who set this room ablaze and this audience mad at the idea of ​​supporting their darling Paquito Navarro!


We were able to attend the last female & male ¼ on Friday afternoon with two magnificent matches each being played in three sets.

The female quarterback with a very good battle won by the pair Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria against Marta Ortega and Béa Gonzalez 7-0 in the tie-break of 3rd set!

And to end the evening in style, we experienced the shock Bella / Coello against Navarro / Di Nenno, a duel won by Paquito and Di Nenno 6/3 3/6 6/3, who will challenge Sanyo / Tapia the next day for a 9rd place in the consecutive final!

Saturday afternoon, return to the Madrid Arena to experience the two semi-finals scheduled for the evening with in the first part the ½ female Josemaria / Sanchez against Llaguno / Riera, undoubtedly won by the promising Ariana & Paula.

And to end the evening, the gala match won by Tapia / Gutiérrez who left no chance for Paquito and Martin who saw their dream of a final fly away!


padel Madrid WPT party group experience

The internship Padel Experience is also two unforgettable evenings marked by crazy matches that will undoubtedly inspire our trainees during their next games 😉

And what better than to end these two beautiful evenings at the Mercado San Miguel or in typical Madrid tapas restaurants !!! What happens in Madrid stays in Madrid…

Progress, smiles, good humor and above all PADEL : this is what we will remember from this superb Padel Experience in Madrid.

We would like to thank the Padel Indoor training for its welcome, the team Padel MBA for his kindness and professionalism and obviously all our interns who marked the success of this internship!

You can also find an overview of this Internship PADEL EXPERIENCE in video here:

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