Richard Giordano, the gentleman padel de l'Ile de France chez Wilson returns to Franck Binisti's microphone on the brand's partnership with Casa Padel.

Wilson and Casa Padel to grow this sport

Franck Binisti: We see Wilson everywhere since we are in Casa Padel, Can you tell us more ?

Richard Giordano: “This is an important moment for the brand. We are happy to be at Casa Padel, in this crazy center. We have already pressed the button with Fernando Belasteguin to show that the brand had great ambitions in the padel. There it is also an important act by starting a partnership with Casa Padel. It is something very striking. The idea is to make this sport grow and we need important centers like this one. ”

Home Padel Wilson showcase

Franck Binisti: You said centers like this, does that mean you have other clubs in sight as well?

Richard Giordano: “You knew well the teasing that we were able to do with Bela, with Alix Collombon. We also did our teasing with Casa Padel. We will select other clubs, in France or internationally, but especially internationally, we will select ultra premium clubs to grow the brand! ”

An incredible craze around the padel

Franck Binisti: Wilson out of stock?

Richard Giordano: “This is also part of the vagaries of business. It's kind of the reward for our success. Count on us to organize ourselves more seriously to meet the demand. In the coming months we will be able to restore the situation and shine on the various points of sale. ”

Franck Binisti: 2020, a year of transition?

Richard Giordano: “It’s very surprising. We have a speech that can sometimes seem paradoxical in relation to the economic situation. We are on figures that are ultra positive. This is what explains the shortages. What we observe today is that there is a craze today in France, which we see here at Casa Padel. There is growing enthusiasm at the international level. This sport will become international, we can see it in the development in the United States, in Asia etc. Our international boss, Iñaki Cabrera, is raving about the development of the activity. Once again, we believe that beyond selling products, a leading brand like Wilson must try to find solutions to make the sport grow. We will try to be all hand in hand: the FFT, the clubs, Wilson and the various brands, to continue to work and provide pleasure to all the people who practice the sport. padel with joy."

Wilson Casa padel panorama


Find the interview in its entirety in the video below:


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