The circuit padel-French armchair stopped on the Côte d'Azur side throughout this week. Organized by the club Handisport Antibes Mediterranean, with François Heyraud as conductor and arbiter, the Riviera Wheelchair Padel Tour offered three different stages. The players successively found themselves at TC Nice Giordan, US Cagnes/Mer and TC Antibes.

The pair Robin Ammerlaan (Netherlands) / Nicolas Vanlerberghe (French n°4), flew through this week and won the three tournaments and the challenge at stake. Robin Ammerlaan who won the last tournament, alongside Gert Vos, at TSB Valenciennes.

Winners Padel Armchair

Opposite, during the finals, the pairs Dorian Navarro (n°1) / Tony Boval (n°5) or Navarro / Sébastien Husser-Walther (n°2) did not find the key to upset the hierarchy.

The month of June will still be busy with four competitions on the program including a sequence on the West coast (Île de Ré and Bordeaux).

It is there that players will be able to score the last points in sight to qualify for the French Championships September.