Robin Haziza, French champion of padel 2015 and 2016 (with Jérémy Scatena), European champion of padel by team 2015, embarks on the international deep end by trying his luck on the professional circuit: The World Padel Tour.

He tells us about his life in Spain, his generality and his ambitions.

Prepa before the competition

Since the beginning of January, Robin has been in physical preparation. A break-in and learning phase necessary for the rest of the events, Robin tells us. Why ? Because " le padel spanish is not the padel French that we know. We have to deprogram ourselves at times to acquire the right gestures and especially the right tactics ».

And that can take a long time! That's why Robin doesn't set any short-term goals for obvious reasons: “ First, I'm going to play with a well known Argentinian player from the French public initiated, Dario Gauna, and it always takes time to find the right automatisms with his partner. Then because we will have to digest this pre-season »

"Digestion may take a little time"

For 3 weeks, our champion of France has perhaps realized "a dream", but it is also and above all for the moment "a enormous work, physical first and of course padelistically then ". All this combined, " it will take a little time to be fully operational on the grounds ».

“I realize a lot of things, and there is a digestion time. But for example I learned a lot of things tactically. Blows to be performed under certain conditions. Put the ball in the right place at the right time instead of hitting like a deaf person. "

 "A partner who will bring me a lot"

Association with 15e Catalan player Dario Gauna is promising, but the grounds will speak.

 « We will do 5 tournaments of padel together to see how it works between us. We will then see ».

40 years old, but still competitor, " Dario is the player who can bring me a lot ". First, "He has international experience that I don't have "Then" he knows how the professional circuit works, all the game strategies »

Recall that Dario is former world top 60 and has gained great experience with now his 40 years on the clock.

Objectives: The World Padel Tour and the Catalan circuit.

It is said and it is normal, Robin focuses on his international career which necessarily goes first and foremost by Spain.

« The French ranking for the moment attracts me a little less, since I am very focused on the Catalan circuit and the World Padel Tour ».

"But I will nevertheless do my best to do the Head Padel Open, the National Padel Cup (which this year will be a P1000) and the French championships of padel."

"The Catalan circuit starts the 1er February but the real season starts for me in March. "

Change of French partner?

For the moment, nothing is final yet, but there is a chance that the adventure with Jérémy Scatena will end there which will have the consequence of completely redistributing the cards for the future French championships of padel.

"So, I will try to associate with a young player with potential to bring him all my experience and try with him to go as far as possible during the French deadlines even if it will certainly be difficult for us to be operational this year. But it's a real challenge for me and it's exciting. "

"My decision is not yet taken. We will see what happens. "

How is it going in Spain?

Rob is practicing  Padel Augusta, outdoor and semi-indoor club. Everything is branded Marta Marrero because it is his stronghold.

"I've been in Spain for 3 weeks now and I'm in full physical preparation and padel. This will last 6 to 8 weeks. This is the pre-season before the professional tournaments called the pretemporada. A very important step through which all professionals of padel ».

« My great luck is to be totally integrated into a group of professional players. I work among other things with the world number one Marta Marrero. We are coached by the famous coach Juan Alday, the coach of Marrero and Salazar and considered the coach of the year 2016 ».

"By the way, it's official, but I join the team "Circle Sabadells". A Catalan first division team, to play team games in Catalonia and also the Spanish championship. This means that I will definitely play against some of the world's top players."

Can you describe a typical day for us?

Daily programming is 3 hours of padel and 2 hours of physics per day.

« The huge advantage is to train continuously with tops players. »

The day takes place as follows:

“2 hours of training with Marta Marrero's group. We work a lot on technique or tactics. Sometimes there are 2, sometimes 4. It changes a lot. But few hoops, mostly situations except for specific shots like the bandeja. »

« Then 1 hour in the afternoon after physical then again padel but with a more targeted more technical work with the individual coach from 16 p.m. to 17 p.m. »

"JI will also undoubtedly be Bela's sparing at times in his club and we will once again organize training courses with his team. padel open to all. »

"I left for the whole season, that is until next December. The idea is to remake an extra year. But we are not there ..."

France is storming Spain?

"There is an incredible craze. It's really good that the French go to Spain. This is due very much to the huge explosion of padel in France. many want to professionalize. We have to go and see in Spain. It is very good for the level of padel French."

Where are you with your club?

"Real Padel, this is my baby and will remain my baby. It's my DNA. I have total management of the site for the padel. On a daily basis, it is Kevin Fouquet who manages the club. Melissa is also in support. When the need arises, I am also there. I still stay there not very far from the club, even if I will be seen a little less at the club this year. I trust Kevin, he's a monster ! "

Any advice you could give to readers?

"Take your time and stay calm on a field during an exchange. The longer an exchange lasts, the better. So do not panic. Playing not necessarily fast but moving his opponents and wait for the right situation to take the net.

“Besides the real difference between the players in the final table of world padel tour and us, it's because they trade longer than us, even if their defense is obviously better than us. ”

"Speed ​​increases the risk."

Interview by Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.