New adventure for one of the figures of padel French: Robin Haziza. If he continues on the circuit of World Padel Tour next year, it will be with the development manager cap padel for the Italian brand Sergio Tacchini. A new Challenge for the No. 138th player in the world.

Before talking about the future, can we go back to this big year of padel ?

A more than positive result both from a personal and professional point of view. Indeed I definitely adapted to my new Barcelona life after a complicated first year. And when you are well in your head everything is linked in a very positive way.

I think I have made a lot of progress in a lot of areas of my game. I have had good results in the WPT sometimes with a little success, but success must also be sought.

Your 3 top of the best moments?

3: my adventure with Adrien Maigret in Sweden, great matches in a dream setting, a country that I love and in which I work more and more… and join the final table after being lucky loser. What great memories with a top partner! 

2: Our tournament with Jérémy Scatena in Aix with an incredible level of play in the semi-final against Jo and Bastien (Johan Bergeron and Bastien Blanqué) and our final victory of the P1000.

This victory has a very good taste because we had been buried a bit in France, due to the fact that we don't travel much on the French circuit and combined with the superb performances of Adrien and Ben (Adrien Maigret and Benjamin Tison). This match plus the victory in Sophia against Ben and Adrien proved that we were still very present.

1: And finally you guess this superb 4eme place at the world championships with a team of France incredibly welded both girls and guys. Our victory with Scat in the decisive double at the end of the night against Uruguay in the quarterfinal, I sick and friends on fire at the edge of the field ... I still shudder!

Your biggest disappointment?

The disappointment, there is really only one, it is that of not being able to defend our chances at the French Championships because of Scat's injury a few days before the competition… We really wanted to make a big blow! part postponed in 2019.

What will change in 2019?

What will change in 2019 apart from a new apartment with Alix (Alix Collombon) not much, I continue to train with the group of Juan Alday and Marta Marrero in Augusta padel.

And on the brand plane ...

 Indeed I join the Sergio Tacchini family, a brand recognized by all tennis and fashion lovers who wish to establish themselves in the padel… Mc Enroe, Sampras, Djokovic, Hingis and…. Haziza it slams right? (Smile)

The textile is of exceptional quality a real Italian know-how and the rackets are already very efficient! 

It's a crazy opportunity, in addition to being an ambassador I am an integral part of the development since I will manage the recruitment of future Sergio Tacchini players, help in the technical development of the racket and will be in close collaboration with the distributors in France and Sweden. for all the commercial part.

In short, a dream project! And I thanks Head infinitely to have started the adventure with me 5 years ago, I hope to have been up to the task, they understood my choice and we are obviously still good friends.

Did you find your partner for this year?

In Spain and on World Padel Tour I will start the year with Gaby Espellata, a player from the Catalan circuit, young 23 years old full of talent with characteristics close to Scat, big smash which suits me well, I will be at his service to make him play in the best possible conditions .

The dream is the top 100. It will be necessary to fight but I believe in it and then the main objective is of course to take pleasure, to sweat and give everything ... If we win it's better, of course.

Playing in France is also an important objective, taking part in the birth of an FFT circuit in public places is an obligatory thing for me as I love this sport and how much I want it to be known to everyone in France. A very important step forward for the popularity of our sport.

In the same way, I will be present place of the Capitole like every year for the Open of France where I have two titles to defend ...

Robin Haziza, it's also the coaching part ...

The coaching part is very important to me.

Indeed, I intend to travel to clubs in France, to share my experience, my hours spent in the field. I like to coach, I like the smile of the students when they progress, it is a must for a coach.

I will take this opportunity to organize Sergio Tacchini racket test sessions.

I also organize internships in Barcelona for all players wishing to discover what the Mecca of Padel. I receive interns from padel.

And then the opening of the school of padel Robin Haziza Training in Senegal and Sweden where I set a teaching methodology for the monitors in place in the clubs and I regularly intervene on site to organize “Master class” sessions, tournaments and events in partnership with my sponsors Index Residence.

You will find all the information very soon on my website.

Finally, the organization of a very nice event padel which will change a little the codes of what we are used to seeing…. you will know more soon.

In terms of the game, Spain brought you what?

Tactically I think I have improved a lot, a player who does not have an overpowering stroke has to play with his head and that is what I try to do. My work in the field is to put my partner in the best conditions both mentally and from a purely point of view. padel.

But at the same time, work tactics  It was also a bit of a disservice to me in the sense that I lost my old characteristics as a tennis player, namely to be able to volley well and be aggressive.

Thanks to the friends of the France team and to my partner Scat I think I have found this…

I will continue on this line of work: Be more offensive. 

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.