The 3rd NORTH stage of Padel Infinity at BIG IV Valenciennes ended with 2 very tough finals and a little surprise for the ladies. Back to THE competition of the start of the year.

Kik / Romanowski creates the surprise

The women's P500 table featured a game-level final with local pair Océane Kik and Elodie Romanowski against Claire Lefèvre and Elodie Damiano.

This is actually a half surprise because Océane Kik and Elodie Romnowski are already known in the middle to be aggressive players and complicated to play. In the final, the Nordiques played against 2 players also recognized the women's circuit namely, the member of the team of France Elodie Damiano associated with Claire Lefevre.

A match that won in 3 sets and a final set unbreathable.

Kik / Romanowski worn by all the public of the BIG IV manages to win the tie-break of the 3rd set and to win this P500 - Padel Infinity, a first for these two players in this tournament category.

Tison / Maigret, the indestructible?

Benjamin Tison and Adrien Maigret have almost never lost together. We must go back to the only defeat of the pair more than a year ago at the Bois d'Arcy Open (Against Le Panse / Bourgoin). 

Since, that of the road traveled with numerous P1000 gained.

The price in 2 sets

In this stage of Padel Infinity - P1000, the Tison / Maigret pair did not give opponents much chance to hope in this competition.

  • 1 / 8 win 6 / 0 6 / 2 vs. Fourre / Destombes
  • 1 / 4 win 6 / 4 6 / 2 against Julien Maigret and Yann Uuradou.

Hard to play his brother and former partner ... Match slightly tense, but logical score. 

  • 1 / 2 win against Garnier / Boissé.

Very average start to the game from the favorites to the point of being behind 4/1. Behind Tison / Maigret will run: 6/4 6/0.

Note, the small injury of Simon Boissé in the leg during his shift. We'll see if it's a serious injury.

An expected and explosive finale

In the final, we have the right to the expected final: Panse / Moreau, two players of the French team against the Parisian Tison / Magret.

Match obviously disputed that the pair of Bois d'Arcy and TC Mantes-la-Jolie will manage to win in 2 sets 7 / 6 6 / 3.

Max and Loïc had a very poor start to the match. Benjamin and Adrien begin their match with an entry break. But the level of play is balanced. The two pairs surrender. Le Panse / Moreau breaks and even has the possibility of leading a station wagon. Tison / Maigret saves 3 break points.

Finally this set will go to tie-break. And at this game, the pair Tison / Maigret is just almost unbeatable.

Then, Maxime Moreau disunited slightly. The workload for Loïc Le Panse the player of Casa Padel was too important against the Maigret / Tison steamroller.

She starts the 2018 year as she finished: A WIN in a P1000.

Benjamin Tison and Adrien Maigret continue their beautiful series.

Will we stop them? If so who?

Another question: Can the Tison / Maigret pair apply for the qualifications for the World Championships? padel gentlemen who should take place between June and August?

Note in passing the victory in the tournament P250 (which was played in parallel P1000) Antoine Bardoux pair and Mathias Bisiaux on the beautiful team Stephane Schoofs and Pierre Bertagnol.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.