Third and last part of the interview with Roque Roasio, president of the ISPT, he talks to us about the projects and the future of the International Padel Senior Tour.

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ILPT: a circuit for women

The ISPT will present the ILPT (International Ladies Padel Tour), a women's circuit with the same characteristics and the same objectives.

The challenge will be to achieve on the same site an ISPT tournament and an ILPT tournament, since we will need double the tracks. It will therefore be necessary to find clubs with great capacities, always in cities of tourist interest for the players.

ISPC: internships for seniors

We also want to offer internships for seniors: the International Senior Padel Clinincs (ISPC). These three-day courses, supervised by three coaches under my supervision, will be intended for groups of 12 people. We will offer personalized support to all players, who will spend a total of 16 hours each on the slopes during the course.

We are also working to set up a web platform, allowing all those who have participated in our internships to interact with our teachers and have access to content to continue their learning.

A very busy year 2021 in perspective

Like all padel players, we were obviously very affected by the pandemic. In 2020, 8 tournaments were scheduled: 4 in the spring, and 4 in the fall. The tournaments scheduled for the spring have been postponed to 2021, and the same will happen with those scheduled for the fall. 2021 will therefore be a very busy year.

We are currently evaluating the possibility of having a single major tournament, in Sweden, by the end of 2020, where we will present the International Ladies Padel Tower. The idea would be to have a format similar to that of the ISPT, with a big party-presentation. We are aware that the costs are not the same to carry out two tournaments at the same time, which is why we are counting on the sponsors to achieve this: a sponsor who would give his name to the tournament, and a brand of rackets that would be the pala official of 2021. All this is a bit complicated since I am in Argentina and I therefore cannot personally meet the possible sponsors.

Obviously the end of this year is very uncertain, but we can foresee a year 2021 with a lot of work and projects coming to fruition. For that, we will need to have feedback from the players, in order to modify things if necessary.

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