Our colleagues from The Padel paper tell us that the Rucio Investments group would like to engage with Premier Padel.

Does the name Rucio Investments speak to you? It's normal ! This is the investment group that had join the World Padel Tour last August. As a result, Ignacio Agullo arrived on the WPT board of directors to try to allow him to remain the reference circuit in the padel World.

But since, Premier Padel landed, and just a week ago, Rucio Investments withdrew its shares du World Padel Tour. And if we are to believe the information of The Padel Paper, the investment group would now like to invest in the official FIP circuit.

The WPT therefore sees its former partner trying to get closer to the competition. It must be said that between the higher prize-money, the extensive media coverage or the exceptional places visited, Premier Padel struck a blow in the home run fight.

premier padel roland garros victory galan lebron public
Le Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major at Roland-Garros

Anyway, for the World Padel Tour, who must in particular manage his lawsuits with the players and the complaint lodged by FIP and PPA with the European Commission, this is yet another blow.

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