Franco Stupaczuk and Alex Ruiz achieve a new feat by beating Pablo Lima and Agustin Tapia at the Madrid Open - World Padel tour 2021 in 3 sets: 6/4 6/7 6/1.

We're not going to lie to you, few observers bet on the Stupa / Ruiz pair at the start of the season.

This pair was built so because Stupa found himself orphaned by Sanyo, his partner in 2020. On social networks, we could read many comments explaining that a Sanyo was missing next to Stupa to hope to go far in a table of World Padel Tour.

The pressure was therefore on left-hander Alex Ruiz, who had to prove that he could make his predecessor forget.

And we can say that the bet is not only won, but that it even surprised its world with its regularity and fair play.

1st set statistics

2nd set statistics

Global statistics

In the 3rd set, Lima / Tapia collapsed despite winning the second set in the tie-break.

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You can watch the match on the website Padel Magazine or Youtube channel of the circuit.