The previous of Santiago Premier Padel P1 have finally able to start and we have already seen a little surprise with the elimination of the 7th seed, Iriart / Cordoba.

It was the French pair Dylan Guichard / Bastien Blanque who created a surprise against the Spanish-Italian duo with a very quick victory 6/2 6/2 in one hour!

A most promising success for the French pair who will meet the Spaniards Alonso Rodriguez and Daniel Santigosa in the next round.

Unfortunately, two Frenchmen bit the dust while Bastien and Dylan created a surprise: Max Moreau and Maxime Joris were unable to create a sensation against the 1st seed of Previas Hernandez / Jofre: 6/4 6/1.

To track the scores of other French people involved in the competition is HERE !

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