For third time in a row, we were entitled to a final between the pairs which dominate the ranking: Coello / Tapia and Galan / Chingotto.

Victorious in the last clash, in the final at Mar Del Plata, Chingotto and Galan wanted to confirm this Monday evening in Chile, but they started in the worst way. Picked cold, Jorge Martinez's players conceded a 6/0! A little disappointing in Argentina, Tapia set the record straight with a breathtaking first set: 11 winning points for a single unprovoked fault, with a 5/6 on the smash!

But behind, “Chingalan” woke up and a fight was finally going to start. Taking advantage of a little slump from Coello and a less sparkling Tapia, the number 2 pair came back to the score with a 6/4.

To the greatest pleasure of the public, we were going to be treated to a third set which would see Agustin Tapia display all his talent. Although put in the fridge, the Argentinian was going to prove decisive again, in all areas of the game, as you will see in the stats below.

With this 6/0 4/6 6/4 in favor of Tapia and Coello ends the South American tour of Premier Padel. The number 1s tie at 3/3 in the confrontations with Chingotto and Galan, and become the first two players to win 5 titles this season.

These two pairs will now take a little rest, and we will find them in Rome for the Italy Major in two weeks. For a new dream final?

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