The Santiago Round of 16 Premier Padel P1 will be played this Friday in Chile and on the French side we will obviously follow the match between Collombon / Bidahorria and Sanchez / Josemaria (TS1).

On paper, it's a bit David against Goliath. On the one hand we have the number 1s, who returned to success in Argentina, where they won their third title of the season. On the other hand, we have a pair who are coming off an elimination in the first round at Mar Del Plata and who needed more than three hours to get rid of qualifiers Polo and Arruabarrena in the first round of this Chilean P1…

But in sport, anything can happen! We saw it yesterday with Brea and Gonzalez who fell against “the Rodriguez”! This is all the more true since the number 1s have experienced big gaps at times this season and Collombon and Bidahorria proved in Seville that they could annoy very good teams. Indeed, while until then they had never scored more than two games against a top seed, they were able to push Riera and Araujo to their limits and came close to victory !

So will we still be entitled to a huge surprise in this Santiago P1? Answer HERE right after the Navarro / Lebron vs Muñoz / Garcia match, which starts in a moment!

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