The sequence of tournaments and travel weigh on organizations. Indeed, since the start of the South American tour, there have already been nearly a dozen withdrawals or withdrawals due to injuries.

For the moment nothing very serious, but some glitches which prevent some from continuing. For Alejandra Salazar and Claudia Jensen, it was the upper part that was to blame (respectively elbow and pectoral), for Tamara Icardo, Javi Ruiz and Ana Catarina Nogueira, it was the lower part that was to blame…

If the players were very happy to finally see the war between WPT and Premier Padel end to have to play a few fewer tournaments, the current pace, certainly less sustained than that of last year, still remains quite traumatic.

Since the start of the tournament in Chile, we have already suffered three injuries: Tamara Icardo and Salva Oria in the main draw, as well as Lucia Perez in previas.

The problems are diverse, in the case of Salazar for example, the sequence of important matches for years, and at an age which is starting to be advanced, is certainly in question. For previas players who also participate in the FIP Tour and who therefore spend their time traveling, it is these very numerous trips which certainly begin to take their toll at some point.

While obviously knowing that injuries are an inevitable part of competition, we wonder if the current pace, with sometimes three weeks almost without rest, and ever more distant and numerous trips, is completely viable in the long term...

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