While the Mar Del Plata P1 finals will be played later today, the stage in Chile starts today, with the start of the previas. For this first day of competition, seven French representatives will hit the slopes for this last tournament of the American tour.

At men's, six French players will be present in Chile, to try to secure a place in the second round of qualifying. A busy program which will start at 9 a.m. (15 p.m. French time):

  • Dylan Guichard / Bastien Blanqué – Emiliano Martin Iriart (87) / Marcos Cordoba (101) (TS7)
  • Maxime Moreau / Maxime Joris – Luis Hernandez Quesada (77) / Inigo Jofre (74) (TS1)
  • Mauro Agustin Salandro / Manuel Vives – Ferran Insa Sotillo (134) / Roger Aromi Siquier (141)
  • Thomas Leygue / Alvaro Montiel Caruso – Daniel Diaz Weisser (unclassified) / Fernando Gonzalez (764) (wildcard)

Among the women, only one Frenchwoman will be present on this first day of competition in Chile. It will be about Carla Toully, who will be found alongside his partner Carla Fito Fernandez! The Franco-Spanish pair will be opposed to a pair wildcard of previas, Catalina Arancibia Baeza (257) and Noelia Suarez (383).

No live broadcast for these matches but the scores can be found, live, here !

Gwenaelle Souyri

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