It is clearly the women's surprise tournament. In the lower part of the table, the number 8 seed, Llaguno / Sainz, managed to enforce his status from start to finish. Patty and Lucia will therefore play their very first final together on the Premier Padel this Monday in Chile.

It was a bit of a clash of generations: on the one hand Patty Llaguno and Lucia Sainz, two former number 1s who combine 78 years between them; on the other Andrea Ustero and Alejandra Alonso, barely 35 years old combined! And for now, the old guard is holding on. After winning a tight first set, the eighth pair on the circuit gained confidence and shared their experience of these major events. Victory 7/6 6/1 for Patty and Lucia who will play their first final together!

Sainz Llaguno WPT 2023 disappointment

Facing them, Claudia Fernandez and Gemma Triay will appear this Monday. Once again opposed to numbers 1 Josemaria and Sanchez, those who form the 3 seed won a match a little similar to the other semi-final. After a first round decided by tie-break, Gemma and Claudia moved up a gear to win in two sets: 7/6 6/2. The two women will play their fourth final together this Monday. Finally the right one for young Claudia who is chasing her very first title at this level?

It's a well-known clash that will take place today in Santiago. Indeed, pairs 3 and 8 on the circuit have already faced each other five times this season. Each time, it was in the quarter-finals, and each time Gemma and Claudia came away with the victory, and they only dropped one set in total. Suffice to say that on paper the final seems unbalanced, but Sainz and Llaguno have an experience that should not be overlooked, they certainly know that they will not have many other opportunities of this style, and we must therefore be wary of they !

So very first title for Claudia or first title for the Sainz / Llaguno pair on the Premier Padel (the veterans won the FIP Platinum Sardegna last season)? To your predictions!

Start of the meeting at 18:30 p.m. local time, i.e. 00:30 a.m. in France. A match that you can follow on the channel YouTube of Premier Padel !

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