The tournaments follow one another and are not alike on the Premier Padel. As you will see, among the ladies, the lower part of the table is completely open to Chile.

Following the injury of Tamara Icardo – and therefore the abandonment of the Icardo / Salazar pair – and the surprise elimination of Bea Gonzalez and Delfi Brea, beaten by “Les Rodriguez” in three sets, the two best-ranked duos in the lower part of the table for this Santiago P1 are: Araujo / Riera (TS7) and Sainz / Llaguno (TS8). Not really the same setting as in the upper part, where we still find Josemaria / Sanchez (TS1), Triay / Fernandez (TS3), Ortega / Virseda (TS5), and Jensen / Castello (TS6)!

And on paper, nothing is done for pairs 7 and 8 who will certainly have to fight to be able to find themselves in the semi-final. Indeed, we find duos that are not easy to maneuver like Alonso / Ustero, who is coming out of a semi-final in Argentina, like Rodriguez / Rodriguez, who showed yesterday that they can create surprises, or like potentially Las Heras / Iglesias, a pair who have continued to disappoint since the start of the year, but who have experience of the Top 16 and who hope to be able to regain confidence at some point.

Virtually everything seems possible in this part of the table, do you still think that the last two seeds will come out and find themselves in the last four?

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