First surprise in the men's draw of the Santiago P1 with the elimination of the 100% Argentinian pair composed of Maxi Sanchez and Sanyo Gutierrez (TS8). It's the first seed to take the door in the men's category (Salazar and Icardo dropped out in the women's draw a little earlier in the day). After defeating Belasteguin / Tello with Enrique Goenaga in Seville, Teo Zapata is once again seeded this season!

After reaching the quarter-finals at the P1 of Mar Del Plata, Maxi and Sanyo finally seemed ready to launch their season, but obviously the improvement was only short-lived... Today, they are not clearly did not show their best face on the court and faced a much more constant and diligent pair.

This match quickly turned in favor of the outsiders who managed to obtain a double break in advance in the first set and who did not flinch when it came time to conclude. The left-handed Javier Barahona often made the difference, helped by a very well positioned Zapata. Dominant, the Spaniards broke from the start during the second set and managed to keep this advantage without too much difficulty. Final score 6/2 6/3.

In a one-sided match and in less than an hour, the Zapata / Barahona pair therefore joins the third round of this tournament and will face the winners of the duel between Cardona / Guerrero and Alonso / Arroyo (TDS 11). New feat in sight for Javi and Teo?

Maxi Sanchez and Sanyo Gutierrez must settle down and continue to work to show a better face during P2 in Bordeaux, a tournament which promises to be very open !

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