Interviewed by our colleagues at AnalistasPadel, Sanyo Gutiérrez returned to a large number of subjects, and notably revealed the name of the player with whom he would dream of playing.

We know that Sanyo is having trouble getting back to victory with Maxi Sanchez, with whom he notably lost in the first round at the Santiago P1. The Argentinian, who is quite far from his best level, seems a little annoyed: “I find that we are at the limit: the padel is losing its essence. Everything about knowing when to hit, using space well, playing with finesse… is disappearing today.”

In these conditions, we tell ourselves that a change of air could do him some good. And if he could choose a new teammate, here's who he would set his sights on:

“I would like to play with Lebrón and it is on the left. It would be a dream (…). I have confidence because I have seen him play on the left and I think we would make a good duo together”.

Often criticized, Juan Lebrón remains a top player, and “El Mago” knows it. Sometimes annoying, “El Lobo” remains an incredible competitor, whom many players would like to have at their side, including the native of San Luis. For Sanyo it's simple, Juan “will remain as one of the greatest players in the history of padel. "

Agree with the words of the former number 1?

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