Like a certain Fernando Belasteguin, who goes retire at the end of the season, Sanyo Gutiérrez intends to play until he is 45 years old.

This is information that had slipped through the cracks a little: Sanyo, who will celebrate his 40th birthday in June, wants to continue his career until he is 45. The player said this in an interview with colleagues fromAs. Good news for fans of “Mago de San Luis”, who should therefore be able to enjoy their favorite for another five years!

And to achieve this while remaining at the best level, Sanyo explains that he has work to do: he must “prepare well, pay attention to his body, study the game of his opponents carefully, improve his weaknesses, and pay close attention to his recovery.” In this logic, the current world number 10 reveals that for the moment, he is focusing on competitions in the Premier Padel : “It's possible that you'll see me at Ultimate tournaments Padel Tour, but I'm at an age where I have to prioritize quality over quantity. If I participated in all the tournaments on both circuits, I would only have a year and a half left padel... "

You have understood, for the moment the UPT tournaments should therefore be played without Sanyo…

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