Just after the defeat of the pair Gutiérrez / Tapia in the final of World Padel Tour Final Master, Sanyo goes to the microphone of Lorenzo Lecci Lopez.

While Agustin Tapia seemed to gain momentum at the end of the season, Sanyo thinks his compatriot still has a good margin of improvement:

“I believe the best of Agustin is yet to come. Little by little we see him grow, gain maturity. Now he knows how to suffer, he is no longer dependent on the conditions of the track. We won in Malmö in very slow conditions, there we go all the way to the final of the Master Final, and I think that if he continues to evolve like that, we will form a very good pair in 2022 whatever the conditions. "

The Argentinian also returns to a fact of play of the final, to 3/3 40/30 in the second set, the Argentinian hits a smash which comes out by 3 in parallel and which is countered by Ale Galan:

“I didn't want to knock her out by 3 but the track was so fast the ball came out on its own. Today, when you want to make a par 3, you have to get the ball out very far otherwise the players are so fast that you get blocked. ”

To see the full video (in Spanish), go right below:

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