Thursday was a rainy day on Cagliari which prevented the unfolding of 1/8 finals. Friday, start of direct. Will we have the chance to see more matches?

Maybe for us viewers, this rainy Thursday day will allow us to see more of the matches of the World Padel Tour in retransmission. So of course, only one track, the central, has cameras, but we can believe that more matches will be televised.

A cette heure-ci, World Padel Tour n´a encore rien commuiqué sur la programmation du vendredi, mais une chose est sûre, c´est qu´il faut rattraper le retard. Attendons-nous, si le soleil est au rendez-vous, à voir jouer deux tours du tableau final ce vendredi. Une journée qui pourrait affecter le physique des joueurs et pourquoi pas, créer des surprises.

Why surprises?

Quite simply because Cagliari is located in Sardinia, an island in the Mediterranean, where it rained all day Thursday. The playing conditions are not the same as in Madrid, where the heat and altitude favored great hitters like Galan and Lebron. The playing conditions are slower, with heavier balls that should have a hard time coming out. The top for players like Belasteguín, Matí Díaz or a pair like Stupa / Sanyo.

The matches not to be missed

The posters are plentiful and all the matches should offer a spectacle, but we can venture to say that the match between Bergamini / Lamperti and Chingotto / Tello is certainly the poster of 1/8.

If the day goes normally, the quarter-finals will be very attractive. If we have the chance to see these matches on the screens we can venture to announce a Lebron / Galan against Díaz / Fernández, Ruiz / Botello against Sánchez / Díaz, Stupaczuk / Gutiérrez against Silingo / Di Nenno and Chingotto / Tello against Tapia / Belasteguín. Very beautiful posters which can of course be modified as the surprises are great this year.

What about the ladies?

We do not forget these ladies who are in the same situation as the men. Delay, 1/8 final matches to play as well as 1/4 in stride. The poster of the day will be the match between the twins Alayeto and Traviesa / Collombon who will try to do better than their defeat of Madrid.

Our opinion on the 1/4 finals announces a Salazar / Sánchez against Triay / Sainz, Amatriaín / Llaguno against Ortega / González, Alayeto / Alayeto against Nogueira / Brea and Navarro / Reiter against Marrero / Josemaría.

A day to spend well installed in front of his screen.

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a padel teacher in Tenerife. He is the founder of, a software very popular with clubs and padel players. Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his many padel tutorials.