Proud. This is the state of mind of our captains ahead of the senior worlds + which will take place in March 2022 in Las Vegas, and who share their feelings with us.

Line Meites: "We will do our best to have the chance to be at the worlds"

”Proud! What a road traveled in 6 years! What emotions experienced and felt thanks to this wonderful sport (they have not always been positive, but all have brought me and learned things)! Today I am fortunate and honored to have been contacted by the FFT, to be the 1st coach and captain of the senior + women's team!

Proud to wear the blue-white-red jersey once again. Proud to be able to defend the colors of France. Proud that I have been given the opportunity to build and lead a great French team, and to fight together to go as far as possible. The road promises to be difficult. Since France has never taken part in international championships, we will have to go through a qualification phase.

We will do our best to have the chance to be present at the world championships, scheduled for Las Vegas in spring 2022. From now on, we will have to think about the selection… 8 players to be preselected (the FFT will have the last word on the proposed list ) among many, many contenders ...
The job begins! Vamos ” 

JT Peyrou: "I risk taking the two substitutes in the highest categories"

”Mid-September I received a phone call from Arnaud di Pasquale who mandated me to be captain of the EDF seniors + during the senior world championships which were initially to take place in October in Las Vegas, and are finally shifted in March. 

I am very honored, very proud, and I therefore accepted this mission which is a bit special, since in fact I will be a captain-player. I will, with the FFT, form the senior + team which consists of 10 players + 2 substitutes for men, which I risk taking from the highest categories, to still have the possibility of making them play in the categories. lower in case of injury.

I was a player of the senior France team at Marbella at the European Championships, I spent 10 amazing days. And to have the chance to still be able to live these kinds of emotions, inevitably, I accepted.

We are impatiently awaiting the FIP, which should soon communicate the dates of the qualifications through which France will have to go to be able to participate in these worlds. My goal is to build the best possible team. I'm going to start calling the players likely to join the team, to see their feelings and try to make sure that we all shoot in the same direction, to get something from these world championships, and why not a nice medal. “

Passionate about football, I discovered the padel in 2019. Since then, it's been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.