After signature of Martin Di Nenno, we continue to be active at Bullpadel, since Francisco Gil and Sergio Alba join the brand.

Bullpadel achieves a nice coup by incorporating Francisco Gil and Sergio Alba in his already very well-stocked team (Navarro, Sanchez, Di Nenno, Chingotto, Tello, Salazar, Brea, Araujo, Riera…). The two men respectively 46th and 47th in the WPT standings, coming out of a particularly successful season, have announced on Instagram.

Alba Gil bullpadel 2021

Indisputable number 1 of the Madrid Federation of Padel, they shone on the World Padel Tour in 2020, with a quarterfinal and two eighths. Those who started the season in Previa have established themselves over the tournaments as a main draw pair.

2021 will be the year of confirmation for the two friends, and they will dispute it with clothes Bullpadel (and also a pala for Sergio Alba)!

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