The French Tennis Federation unveils its brand new podcast, “Session Padel ". Starting today, you can listen to its first episode. Designed to reflect the friendly spirit of padel, a sport that is growing in popularity every day, this podcast will provide in-depth insight into this discipline.

Each month, Emilie Loit, host of the podcast, will welcome various experts, players and consultants to discuss current events in the padel, not only in France, but also internationally.

In this first episode, “Session Padel » looks at the second edition of the Greenweez Paris Major, with distinguished guests: its director, Arnaud Di Pasquale, and the French number one in padel, Alix Collombon. In addition to analyzing key data, they discuss the rapid growth of padel in France and comment on the valuable technical advice of Yann Auradou, consultant padel at the FFT, specializing in the training of young players.

Find “Session Padel » on all streaming platforms and on the official website. Listen to the first episode now here.