Jean-Manuel TOCHE, Marketing & Sales Manager (France / Spain / Italy) SETTEO, the first social network / platform dedicated exclusively to racket sports, reviews the evolution of SETTEO and the services offered at the club.

FB: Jean-Manuel, you are in charge of the development of Setteo in France, Spain and Italy. In the Padel market, we note in recent months, that your platform is increasingly used by clubs and tournament organizers. What is your analysis of this recent success?

JMT: We have teams working on a daily basis in the field, in contact with the various players in the Padel market. This proximity allows us to clearly identify the requirements and expectations of clubs and tournament organizers and to transmit to our engineers, the most awaited product adaptations by the market. Today we have "Club Management" and "Tournament Management" products that are very much in line with the needs of our interlocutors.

Moreover, Setteo is a "label" more and more recognized, because many national federations Padel and Tennis have chosen our platform as a management tool. In the padel, this is the case of the International Federation and the Belgian, Austrian and Dutch federations.

Finally, clubs are attracted by the fact of being able to combine powerful management tools with our social network, through which clubs build their communication and monetize advertising space with their sponsors.

For your info, today Setteo brings together some 500 clubs and more than 50000 players.

FB: What features are most appreciated by Padel clubs?

JMT: As you know, you have to gather 4 people to play Padel! Setteo facilitates the organization of these parts. The platform will help you in a few clicks, find a club and partners with a level of play equivalent to yours and with the same availability. Once the match is created, all that will be left is to book and if you wish to pay the reservation online.

On Setteo the players are 100% autonomous in the organization of their games. Facility managers can breathe and spend their precious time on something else!

Apart from the "match creation", the clubs choose Setteo also for its tournament management module. The platform makes it easy to organize many different competition formats. Online tournaments / Online tournaments with a preliminary group stage / Tournament circuits with automatic calculation of a ranking / Team tournament / Mini leagues.

The "tournaments" module of Setteo also allows for all the animation and communication around the event.

FB: What is your price strategy for your "Clubs" product?

JMT: The offer is very simple. The annual subscription to Setteo Club Premium varies from 400 to 1200 euros HT / year depending on the size of the club. These tariffs allow the use of all the modules of management and animation of the platform. I insist that no additional costs of installation, maintenance, accommodation or training are expected. No additional fees linked to the number of transactions made by the clubs via the online sales modules available to them in Setteo Club Premium.

FB: What are Setteo's goals for the coming months?

Our goal is to consolidate existing partnerships and develop new partnerships with federations, clubs, tournament organizers, but also with brands and stores in France and around the world.

And of course continue to work to offer an increasingly successful and scalable product to Padeleros and 650 Million racquet sports players around the world!

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.