Julien Seurin and Adrien Maigret look back on their defeat in the first round of P2 in Bordeaux against Victor Mena and Francisco Ramirez (6/2, 6/4)

Not optimal preparation

Adrien : “I have just come out of two weeks where I was injured. I had a lot of back pain when I arrived at the course, then I injured my left buttock, and two weeks ago, before leaving for Hamburg, I injured my right calf. I didn't do Hamburg and I was unsure about this tournament in Bordeaux, but I tried to take as much care as possible, and I was only able to play again yesterday during training on the side tracks .

I started the match with little confidence, it took me a while to come. Afterwards, it was a little better in the second, we had chances, but against players like that, who are used to playing at that level on those tracks... They don't panic when they have break points , they also saved the balls well, we made a few small mistakes. We could have held on to at least the second, we perhaps deserved to unbreak, to try to hold on, to go for a tie-break, but today they are stronger than us, there is nothing to say.

Seurin Maigret Bordeaux

Personally, I need to get back into physical shape a little. I won't hide the fact that I also learned not long ago that I was going to be a father, so there was perhaps a backlash following that too. But hey, I'm already happy to be on this track. Thanks again to the entire Betclic organization Premier Padel P2, to Jean-Thomas Peyrou and Benjamin Tison who gave me the wildcard.

We still tried to enjoy ourselves, even if I wasn't 100%, but I tried to give everything today in any case.”

Very disappointed…

Julien : “I'm mostly very disappointed because I've been training really well for two or three weeks and since I arrived here, even yesterday, I haven't had very good feelings. Given the track, the beauty of the Arena, we want to do well, do better, and ultimately it's complicated but these are moments that we have to manage. We didn't play a great game, but ultimately, we had chances and I think we can at least do better on our service games. Breaker maybe once, get a tie-break, or maybe get a set without playing well. 

And that's where they will manage to win points, games, by making two or three mistakes, but they will get by, and in the end, things don't work out too well for us. Personally, I am disappointed with the sensations and the general level of play. Adrien, I knew that he was perhaps not necessarily very well physically and it was perhaps up to me to manage to take up more space, to really ignite this part a little and try to really get into it , but I failed to do it.”

What followed

Adrien : “I have permission to play, there is no problem, otherwise I would not have come. The physiotherapist told me that I could play, that there was no problem. There, I think I'm going to take a little time to get back physically and prepare if I'm called up to the French team for the European Championship. This is an important goal for me. 

You know how I love this kind of competition and I love defending the colors of my country. I will try to get back in shape for this competition if I am selected. And if I'm not selected, it doesn't matter, I will be behind my friends so that they go as far as possible. With Julien, we have two big objectives in September: the French Championship and Roland-Garros. I need to get back in the saddle, I’m not very young now so maybe I need to lose a little weight and go train a little more.” 

“I'm going to take good care of myself first to be 100%, because it's true that it's a bit frustrating. We've been playing two tournaments between Barcelona and this one where the problem is in my head. As I know that I'm not necessarily at full strength, I'm a little psychotic at the start, I'm a little hesitant, I miss my lobs. After the second I feel better so the match starts to balance out a little, but hey, it's too late. You have to be at your best from the first games.”

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