One of the last FIP ​​tournaments of the season has started, the FIP Star de Mijas. Let's take stock of the forces involved, notably with the French.

Le World Padel Tour finished for most of the players (only the 16 best players of 2020 participate in the Master Final), there are beautiful people who show up at the FIP de Mijas whose preprevia started yesterday !

4 French for men

In men, we find Thomas Leygue and Nicolas Trancart in preprevia, the 100% French pair got out of a big match yesterday, winning 4/6 6/3 6/4 facing Collado / Alamillo. French people replay today at 13:00 p.m., facing Martinez / Miñarro.

In case of victory, they will play 17h30 their passage in the paintings of previa where they would face seed number 4. Previa in which there is no French pair but where a well-known player, especially on the side of Bordeaux, is seeded number 1, it is about Jorge de Benito, associated with WPT player Jacobo Cendon!

In the main draw, another 100% French pair: Benjamin Tison and Johan Bergeron, who start their tournament Saturday, 14h30Facing Alvaro Melendez Amaya (189 WPT) and José Luis Gonzalez Rodriguez (148 WPT). A very solid pair, who already have beat Tison / Scatena twice in 2020 ! Benjamin Tison will therefore be keen to end the year by taking his revenge.

Generally speaking, we are dealing with a very high level table with many players from World Padel Tour, including some high-flying pairs: Mieres / Barahona, Godo Diaz / Yanguas, Sanz / Patiniotis, Perez / Del Castillo, Gadea / Tamame…

2 French girls

Among the ladies, we will have two French to support during this FIP Star in Mijas. Alix Collombon, associated for this tournament with Angela Caro Cantin, begins his tournament Saturday at 10h00 face Lorena Vano and Ana Varo, a draw widely within the reach of the Franco-Spanish pair.

Much more complicated for Léa Godallier, who plays this tournament with Xenia Clasca, and who inherits entry from the number 5 seed and pair who made two quarterbacks on the WPT this year: Lorena Rufo and Marta Talavan ! A really not easy match, which will take place Saturday, at 14:30 p.m..

In girls, very good pairs also made the trip since besides Rufo / Talavan, we also find the pair qualified for the Final Master Araujo / Riera, but also Martinez / Virseda, or even Villalba / Fernandez De Osso!

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