After Brussels, it's time for the sixth tournament of this Premier Padel 2024 edition! This time, it is in the sublime enclosure of La Cartuja that will take place the Sevillian P2. So, what should you expect?

Men: the “Boss” back in business

The main news obviously concerns Fernando Belasteguin, just recovered from a calf injury. Package in Belgium, the 44-year-old will (finally) make his big debut with Juan Tello. The draw did not spoil them, since in the first round, the two acolytes will face Belluati/Lamperti! A 100% Argentinian duel which promises to be thrilling.

As for the favorites, Coello/Tapia, Yanguas/Garrido and Chingotto/Galan find themselves in the same table. A remake of the Brussels final could therefore take place in the semi-finals, unless Javi Garrido and Mike Yanguas create a surprise. Conversely, Stupaczuk/Di Nenno and Navarro/Lebron have a more accessible route. The road to the last four seems clear, but certain pairs (Gonzalez/Ruiz) could well defy the predictions...

Sevilla men's table P2

Women: an injury and questions

The big absentee in Andalusia will be Carolina Navarro, victim of a sprain in Belgium. Former number 1 will not participate in the next two tournaments, which forced Carolina Orsi to join forces with Carmen Castillon. The new pair will start against Jensen/Castello.

The top four women's seeds (Sanchez/Josemaria, Brea/Gonzalez, Triay/Fernandez and Icardo/Salazar) are byes for the first round. This situation leaves room for a fairly open draw, where certain outsiders (Ortega/Virseda, Riera/Araujo) risk having their say. Finally, note that the French Alix Collombon, with his partner Julieta Bidahorria, will face a pair from the previous round. If successful, they will challenge the winners of the match Riera/Araujo against De La Rosa/Portillo.

Table women Seville P2

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