Le padel is becoming a global sport and the demand for equipment continues to grow, resulting in many stockouts.

We keep repeating it, the padel is a sport in full expansion on a world level. With the health crisis, contact sports were banned in most countries and the padel saw its number of practitioners explode.

As the sport is one of the most addicting, all those who used it as a substitute activity during the pandemic still want to play it today. These new players are generating demand that was not anticipated by many manufacturers. So we end up with stockouts everywhere. You just have to walk around the different sites to see that certain models particularly popular with “aficionados” are almost impossible to find.

But fear not, the Brands are getting organized and soon the situation will be restored.

In the meantime, there are plenty of options available to you if the model you were looking for is no longer available anywhere. You can already go to clubs near you, which always offer more brands and models for their customers. You might even be surprised to try out a pala you hadn't thought of and which will ultimately give you everything you are looking for on the track.

Another possibility is to go to our partner sites, which offer many models, with unbeatable prices, but also impeccable advice and after-sales service!

Back to school 2021: the best offers from our partners

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