[box type = "info"]Padel Magazine - Augustin Silingo number 9 worldwide with Frederico Quiles was not far from participating in the Masters. With Quiles, he makes a dreaded pair on the circuit. Silingo gives us some clues about his state of mind and his ambitions. [/box]

Padel Magazine : Augustine, you were at the doors of the masters this year with Frederico, what do you think of your season?

Augustin Silingo: I changed partners and am now with Quires today, the year has been more or less successful. But for a new team, it's already not bad since we have hung good teams.

Padel Magazine : With Frederico Quiles, your partner, you are preparing a new season, how will it unfold?

Augustin Silingo: The pre-season, we did it alone. Their separate ways. It's also difficult to train together because we do not live in one place. The first two months, we do each of our training, then at some point, we find ourselves together to work the team level before the season.

Padel Magazine : You do not train together with your partner, is not this a disadvantage compared to the competition?

Augustin Silingo: Yes of course it's better to train with your partner. But when we see the numbers world, Bela and Juan Martin who do not live at the same place since one lives in Argentina and the other in Spain. And yet it does not bother them more than that.

Padel Magazine : The current numbers one and two world are together for a very long time, so they know each other very well. Is not this the key to success?

Augustin Silingo: The real secret of the padel, to really succeed in the padel, is that there is a right-handed and a southpaw. It's really the magic formula.

Padel Magazine : You have always held the same position to know that of attacker (on the left in this case since he is right-handed)?

Augustin Silingo: Yes, I am a very physical player, much more than technical, and I have to play on the left to finish the points.

Padel Magazine : Have you ever thought of building a team of two attackers with eg Miguel Lamperti, Sebastian Nerone, Poggi, etc., even if they are right handed like him ...

Augustin Silingo: I think that choosing a player like Fede (Federico Quiles his partner) is the ideal. He defends and allows me to shine. Two attackers together would not work well.

Padel Magazine : You already know France, including Aix where you have already played ... When do you come back?

Augustin Silingo: I was treated in a lovely way, and for a padel, playing in France is in my imagination and that of the super nice players and I am obviously ready to come and play in France. If there is a stage in France of the WPT, that would be perfect.

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Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.