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You are a good tennis volleyball player. So, you think it's enough for the padel ... Well no, the key is the placement and even more on the fly padel. Because you are two, and therefore the right placement will help the team to be more effective.

The situation

Sometimes, by being on the fly, we find ourselves in a difficult situation. For example, if your partner strikes a smatch towards the bottom wall of the court but the speed of the ball is not enough to defeat the opponents. This case makes us go from an attack position to an uncomfortable situation in which the two opponents advance towards the net with the firm intention of finishing the point.

What to do?

Let's not hide the fact that the situation is almost lost but we must try to play with statistics. The attacking player who is facing the ball that belongs to him must imperatively protect the area that separates him from his wall. The ball should not go through it otherwise his partner will have no chance to catch the shot, too eccentric.

However, there is still a chance (low but not zero) if the opponents play in the middle.

The partner can, for example, attempt a "contrapared" in lob or even use the back wall to defend.

Let's see this in image.

See you soon ……

Pierre Lamouré

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