Siux launches the brand new Pegasus Revolution 2, the brand's most exclusive racket!

The iconic range of Siux offers a stylish professional level racket, with medium balance and adjusted weight. It is a hybrid pala which stands out for the technology it integrates into its faces: the X Carbon.

Developed exclusively for the brand, this 12K carbon has a specific weave following a cross pattern, offering the best sensations on the court, as well as a differentiated aesthetic finish. Additionally, the reinforced 12K carbon frame helps extend the durability of the racket.

But what really stands out about this pala is its design: it incorporates chameleon paint, a type of iridescent paint in four layers that changes depending on the angle of the light, and a velvet grip, a stylish element and distinctive.

The new Pegasus Revolution 2 also stands out as one of the most complete and balanced palas in the range Siux. It is ideal for all styles of play, thanks to its medium-hard feel and the sweet spot located slightly towards the racket head. On the track, this translates into good hitting power and excellent attack output. In defense, it is a very comfortable and agile model, which allows you to recover the lowest and most difficult balls without having to make a complete move.

“With Pegasus Revolution 2, we have focused on next-level design. This racket features unique materials like X Carbon, providing an exclusive design guaranteeing the best possible performance. We have also integrated a velvet grip and a very visual chameleon paint that exudes exclusivity and good taste”, says Álvaro Alejandro Leonet, product director at Siux.