Laura Clergue, consultant padel for Canal+, shares with you in this new video tips for making a vibora effective.

La vibora is not an essential blow to padel. Let us remember in particular that the best player of all time, Fernando Belasteguin, does not have vibora in his game, which did not prevent him from being world number 1 for 16 years. We all dream of making a beautiful vibora which crashes after impact on the window à la Ale Galan or Paquito Navarro; because it’s classy!

Paquito Navarro preparation vibora amsterdam 2023

In the current game of padel, own the weapon vibora is a real plus. Indeed, this smash with side effect is generally harder to defend after the glass than a flat waiting smash of the type bandeja. But it's a complicated shot to perform, so you have to know when to use it and how quickly, depending on where you are placed on the field. No detail should be left to chance in the preparation of this shot, because every detail counts. It is a smash in any case recommended for current or former tennis players, because it closely resembles a slice serve.

A few small technical tips make it possible to limit mistakes by vibora, in particular through good placement and positioning of the elbow. Laura goes into detail in this video about these little tips so that the vibora has no more secrets for you. Finally, it tells you its preferred playing zone to make the opposing defense as complicated as possible.

La vibora is not a move that should be used to score a point at all costs. When you are well positioned and close to the net, you can afford to put a little more weight in the vibora to get a very easy ball behind. However, when you are far from the net, the vibora can be used but as a waiting smash, just allowing you to retake the net. For this, the vibora must in this case be long (touching at least one window, or even two) and slower to allow time to return to the net. To do this, you must perform the stroke more slowly but while following the end of the movement well to gain length.

Among the most beautiful viboras of the circuit, we find those of Gemma Triay, Bea Gonzalez and Delfi Brea among the women and those of Paquito Navarro, Mike Yanguas and Sanyo Gutierrez among the men. Maybe yours soon?

The video can be found below: