SOXPro is among the World Padel Tour ! The brand wants to assert itself as a must-have socks brand in the padel, that's why she decided to sponsor two Italian talents.

Thus Simone Cremona, Italian number 1, 5 times Italian champions, member of the national team and player of the World Padel Tour, where he ranks 166th, becomes ambassador of the brand known for its non-slip socks.

Simone Cremona SOXPro socks

The Italian player is obviously delighted to be equipped with these products so interesting for the practice of a sport like the padel :

“It's a wonderful product. In terms of design and functionality, SOXPro socks are just amazing. The feeling of explosiveness and speed in the changes of direction is extraordinary. Not to mention the reduction in the risk of sprains. The perception of protection and security is absolute! ”

It must be said that between Classic and Ultra Light socks, which give you unprecedented grip and the special recovery model, the Italian has something to be happy about!

SOXPro classic low cut ultra light

But the brand which is already present in several sports does not stop there: it will also collaborate with the young Italian player. Cristina Carta, who aspires to play the World Padel Tour !

Cristina Carta Padel SOX Pro

Two additions which clearly prove SOXPro's desire to assert itself in the padel, where it has serious advantages. Indeed, the padel being a sport where support is essential, these non-slip socks bring a real plus to those who wear them as we could have seen it in one of our tests.

For more information on SOXPro products, do not hesitate to visit their page: SOX Pro

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