Are you looking for very high level socks to improve your performance on the slopes? Pay attention to the test of the new SOXPro Ultra Light!

After having tested SOXPro Classic, we are now tackling another model of the brand, the Ultra Light!

Incredible lightness

The first difference between the two models is the lightness. If the Classic impresses with its comfort, the Ultra Light is in a different style, less fleecy but lighter and closer to the skin. We clearly have the impression of having a second skin, and we quickly forget that we are wearing socks because they are so thin and pleasant.

Ultra Light SoXPRO socks

With a weight of only 30 grams, they are sure to please anyone who enjoys playing with thin socks. The fabric is very elastic and it provides unprecedented comfort. The test lasted almost two hours and despite this we never felt that feeling of having heavy or wet feet. Not the slightest trace of friction or blister either.

Always hooks it to the rendezvous

In addition to the comfort they provide and their excellent perspiration wicking, what we love about SOXPro socks is the grip they generate. This time again, we were not disappointed!

As on the Classic, the small arrow-shaped pins stick to the sole of your shoe to give you a impressive downforce safety. We quickly end up forgetting that we are wearing socks (and even shoes) as the supports are so fluid.

The novelty of this Ultra Light is the presence of a interior grip, called “grip: in + technology”. In addition to their non-slip sole, these socks have an invisible thread on the inside that will stick to your feet. In other words, you get grip inside and out, giving you truly amazing comfort and grip feeling.

SOXPro UltraLight red


In conclusion, the “must” for any player of padel

Available in 11 colors and in 5 sizes (from XS to XL) which cover sizes ranging from from 35 to 49, enough to allow the vast majority of players to padel to be able to equip yourself!

SOXPro Ultra Light 30 grams only


At 34,90 € per pair, this may block some, but you have to keep in mind that these are high quality socks, awarded for their technology, made in Italy, which reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance. A real technical concentrate that has allowed them to be recognized as medical class device.

In addition, they are made from Newlife tm polyester, "a special yarn that respects the environment made from post-consumer plastic bottles and produced using a mechanical, non-chemical process ”.

SOXPro bodybuilding socks

Above all, keep in mind that these socks will benefit you at padel but also for all your training outside, whether for running, bodybuilding, or for any other sport!


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