Like many countries, Spain is engaged in phase containment. The resumption of the padel to 4 is only planned in phase 3, which causes the anger of many actors.

The 2-a-side padel resumed in Spain at the time of the transition to phase 1 of the de-containment plan. This Monday, May 25, the last autonomous communities, like Madrid, which were still in phase 0, will take back the padel in 1 against 1.

On the other hand, no improvement for the regions which will be able to move into phase 2. Indeed, the resumption of padel at 4 is only planned for the transition to phase 3, that is to say at the earliest in two weeks for certain autonomies, in a month for others, including Madrid and part of Catalonia and Andalusia. So there are many who imitate Horacio Alvarez Clementi and the Madrid Padel Federation en expressing dissatisfaction.

La Spanish Padel Federation (FEP) has submitted a request to the National Sports Council so that the 4-a-side padel can resume in phase 2. Jesus Ballvé, CEO of Nox said in an interview with CMD Sports that “the crisis could lead to the closure of 30% of padel clubs in Spain if there is no change for phase 2”.

The players are also in solidarity with this movement, Carolina Navarro, current 15th player in the World Padel Tour ranking, expressed her dissatisfaction and misunderstanding on her Facebook. She declares that there is “no more risk to play padel, a sport which counts more than 4 million practitioners in Spain, than to sit on the terrace or to run in the streets, often crowded” …

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