The matches Coello / Ramirez vs Alba / Gil and Josemaria / Gonzalez vs Talavan / Rufo are to be followed live this morning on the streaming of the Spanish championships.

The Spanish Championships make it big and allow aficionados to choose between two top level games.

On the main channel, Coello / Ramirez vs Alba / Gil, two pairs that are installed in the main tables of the World Padel Tour this season, and who have faced each other several times, whether on the FIP or the WPT, with always very close and pleasant meetings to follow.

For those who prefer the padel female, it is on the second channel of the Spanish Championships YouTube channel that we will have to go, to enjoy this tantalizing Bea Gonzalez / Paula Josemaria vs Marta Talavan / Lorena Rufo !

A superb morning of padel in perspective, and it starts at 09:00 am!

To follow the match of garçons is HERE !

For girls, it is by LA !

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