It's a very big day of padel to follow today live on the streaming of the Spanish Championships, with the entry into the running of several stars of the World Padel Tour.

The round of XNUMX of the Spanish Championship padel 2020 has already started and as you will have noticed, Those are the big names making their debut today near the WiZink Center in Madrid.

Ale Galan / Juan Cruz Belluati, Alejandra Salazar / Ariana Sanchez, Gemma Triay / Lucia Sainz, Maxi Sanchez / Cristian Gutierrez, all of these pairs are making their debuts today and the good news is that the Spanish Championships YouTube is going broadcast matches all day. Like earlier this morning, two matches simultaneously : one on the main field and the other on track 2.

We leave you the links just below, do not hesitate to juggle between the two channels, because there will be very, very beautiful encounters, like Ortega / Marrero vs Riera / Araujo, Galan / Belluati vs Lamperti / Yanguas, or at the end of the day Navarro / JM Diaz vs Rico / Nieto!

Spanish Championships padel CHANNEL 1

Spanish Championships padel CHANNEL 2

We also leave you the paintings :

Men's Table
Ladies' Table



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